Take The POW Pledge

What is the Pledge?

The POW Pledge is your organisation’s guide to Net Zero. It is a digital portal and toolkit that guides outdoor organisations on climate action and setting a Net Zero target. Through clear direction and eight key steps, the Pledge addresses the most effective ways businesses can make an impact. You’ll learn how to

  1. Reduce your environmental impact
  2. Be held accountable for your actions

The Pledge will help you create your business’s plan towards Net Zero. It will help you understand where you’re currently at and where you need to get to. Join wherever you are in your climate action journey. You don’t need to have taken any steps yet, but you do need to start taking ambitious action within the first year.

Why should my business take the Pledge?

The Pledge:

  • Is a cost-effective alternative action plan to other paperwork-heavy, time consuming certifications that can be overwhelming or seem unattainable.
  • It will save you money relative to other climate action plans. You won’t need to hire a sustainability consultant to get started with your Net Zero action plan, because the Pledge will help you clearly understand the concrete steps you need to take to get there.
  • Holds you accountable. Each year you’ll be required to report on your progress towards your ambitious targets. Customers want to see businesses taking concrete climate action and the Pledge clearly demonstrates that. We’re here to help you along the journey and ensure you’re staying on track.
  • It’s shown to improve internal team sentiment as well as external perception.

It’s also more powerful to demand change on a government level when your own sustainability house is in order.

Who is the Pledge for?

The POW Pledge is for any size business or organisation that wants to take concrete steps towards effective climate action. It's a great option for companies that don’t have an in-house sustainability team or a large budget to have a sustainability consultant create your action plan. The Pledge is most relevant to businesses in the outdoor industry, however all types of businesses are welcome to join.

You can see companies that have already completed the entire Pledge here.

How much does it cost?

Registering and receiving the Workbook and guidance is currently totally free.

If you want live sustainability call support we request some financial support to the Pledge - pay what you feel, £100 minimum.

If you complete the entire Pledge and want to use the POW Pledge marketing materials to share your commitment, there is an annual fee which can be seen here. (It is also included in some Partnership tiers.)

Terms and conditions here

Thanks to Internet Fusion Group and Surfdome for working with us to develop the POW Pledge.