Ask Your Council to Divest

Divest the Dirt

The outdoors is great. Getting dirty is good. But while you’re out there on your favourite trail, up a hill, or in the woods, local councils are getting your taxpayer money really dirty. You have the power to change that.

Despite 75% of local UK councils declaring a climate crisis, they collectively hold investments of nearly £10 billion in sketchy fossil fuel funds. The money that’s meant to be securing our future, is destroying it. But you can change that.

Your voice matters, and together, we can protect the great outdoors, the places we love to get dirty, in a good way.

We need you to ask your local council to #DivestTheDirt and move their pensions away from fossil fuel investment.

Why pensions?

Pensions are the dirty way in which the fossil fuel industry is propped up. Massive pots of public money are being invested in climate destroying fossil fuels and is funding the climate crisis through council pension pots.

Remove the word pension, and it's just pots of money doing bad things.

Why divestment?

Divestment is simple and it works. It means moving money from one place to another. From investments in dirty, climate-destroying industries like fossil fuels, to feel good, sustainable investments like renewables. 

So far, 18 local government pension funds in the UK have made either full or partial divestment commitments. It's time the rest join them.

Learn more about divestment.

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